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THIS IS GAME CHANGING The all-new Hydra from Wave Sport is a feature rich sporty tourer set to turn heads! Like a sea monster from the deep, the Hydra possesses plenty of attitude and can certainly hold its own in the big stuff. Wave Sport...

The H2o Dreams duo of Chris Wing and Lyd Cardinal discuss why the Recon has become their day to day boat among the many choices they have. Footage from South America as well as North Carolina. Join Lyd and Chris as they enjoy and explore the rivers...

By: Dale Mears Wave Sport team paddler Dale Mears takes his new GoPro Hero 5 out for a paddle on its UK release day.

By: Natty Cordon A glorious Pure Land Expedition on the Tsarap Chu, Zanskar and Indus rivers in Ladakh, India. A 6 day multiday adventure, followed by a few days of play. Big white water rapids, beautiful crystal blue lake water, camping, monasteries, shooting stars...

By: George Younger A gangster video for a gangster village life. Finally got around to editing a video from the 3 months last winter spent in a local Ugandan village going kayaking everyday on the Nile river. Just a snapshot of life in the village, lots of good times...

By: Natty Cordon A video of use misbehaving in Scotland on the Etive, Alt a Chaorainn and Alt Mhearan. Sometimes the levels aren't ideal but you have to seize the day and have as much fun as possible.... Here's how! Post written by: Natty Cordon

By: James Ibbotson A blunt and borderline panam in my Wave Sport Mobius on Hurley. Almost ready for GB selection now! Filmed by: Rob Crowe Post written by: Jame Ibbotson

By: James Ibbotson When the river is high hit newark! The Mobius is wicked fun on it, spins so fast! Post written by: Jame Ibbotson

By: James Ibbotson So i recently got my Mobius from Wave Sport. I'm getting used to it. Its such a whippy short boat, its easy to man handle around in any direction. Safe to say, i'm loving it!! Post written by: Jame Ibbotson