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Clean your polyethylene kayak with mild soap and water. Usually, a quick rinse of fresh water is all that is necessary to keep your hull clean and functioning in good order. This is very important after paddling in salt water, or if your boat is outfitted with a skeg system. Be sure to thoroughly rinse any footrests, skeg and skeg cable/rope with fresh water to remove salt residue. 

Be careful when loading and unloading your kayak. Superficial scratches may occur, but can be removed or reduced by use of a marine boat polish designed for polyethylene hulls. Sanding or use of an abrasive rubbing compound is not recommended.

To keep your kayak shining and minimise the long-term degradation caused by UV exposure, use an ultraviolet protectant such as 303 Protectant (or a similar plastic protectant).

Avoid dragging a kayak across the ground to prolong its life and maintain its look and performance. Two people, utilising the grab handles is the best way to carry the boat. Alternately, you can transport using a kayak cart, available at your local dealer.