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Short Term Storage

Be sure to empty the kayak of all water. The kayak maybe stored on its side or in a vertical position temporarily. Storage in these positions for an extended period of time could cause flattening or deformation in the side of the hull. 

Long Term Storage

In addition to emptying all water out, you should clean the kayak by rinsing with freshwater. Store out of direct sunlight and indoors, if possible. UV exposure can shorten the lifespan of any kayak and can degrade its finish. Kayaks can be stored slung on their sides via web straps, positioned 1/3 of the way along the hull. Be sure to not leave straps or ropes tightly wound around the hull for extended periods of time as it may cause deformation.

Your kayak can also be stored hull up on parallel bars with weight supported evenly throughout its length. For smaller cockpit kayaks, position bars so that they contact the deck either side of the cockpit or between the cockpit and any hatches. 


Do not suspend your kayak by using the grab loops at either end of the boat. This can cause the hull to distort over time.