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Posted: 07.08.2013

Written By: Tyler Curtis

Hey there everyone.

Just wanted to drop a post about the new Mobius. 

I received mine a week ago and have had the chance to paddle it for a few days, get it outfitted, and put the first few scratches in it.

In case you haven't yet seen the carbon beauties of this amazing new design I have attached a few images of the boat in action. 

The Ottawa River is probably the best river to test out kayaks as well as have them in Carbon...that;s right...CARBON.

The new Mobius is faster on features, more retentive, shorter and easier to throw around, and much more forgiving on the edges. The added volume in the bow and wedge shape allows bigger pop for Huge loops, and the narrowing of the bow makes initiation and rotation easier. This new toy is the boat I have been waiting for and I am paddling with a huge smile on my face everyday.

With the World Championships approaching I have been forcing myself to spend time on the smaller features which will allow me some practice for smaller hole features. Push Button is the perfect spot to avoid heavy impact, stay strong, and be motivated to learn some new stuff.

Here are a few images to get you stoked on our new family member..Mobius.


Tyler Curtis