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Locals Only Intro

Posted: 28.08.2011


Making the intro to Locals Only was one of the funner parts of putting this movie together. Rather than going with a cliche intro that involved mountain time lapse's, water droplets moving in slow motion and athletes sporting gang signs I wanted to do something a little different. Enter Bryan Kirk and his favourite little kayak.

A walk in the park

Late night movies

When I ran the idea by Kirk he wasn't very into it, he's a pretty reserved guy for the most part so the idea of walking hand in had with a kayak through the park was leaving him a little uneasy. After a little convincing he was in, we spent the next few days trying to think of as many ridiculous things we could do with a kayak. Although some of our ideas weren't overly well thought out and others just didn't make the cut this is what we came up with. As you can see you can enjoy most of your favourite activities with your Project X! To see the rest of Locals Only order your copy today off of this website!


Kelsey Thompson