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Scared and Moist in Gnarway

Posted: 07.15.2014 BY Natty Cordon

I've always wanted to visit Norway and it didn't disappoint. The combination of beautiful scenery and incredible whitewater makes it a must-visit destination for any whitewater kayaker.

We started our journey in Voss, the classic paddlers' paradise, where high water levels had us paddling the Brandset, Eksingdal, Steine, Stranda and the Hommedal.

After 10 days in Voss, we headed to Sjoa via the Songdal, Valldolla and Rauma to paddle the Sjoa, Ula, and Finna.

Following a few days of luxury in a proper campsite we headed back to Voss to meet up with the Ekstremsport Veko festival goers and to paddle the lower water runs such as the Myrkdal, the Raundal, including Nosebreaker and Tunnel Drop, and the Stranda, including Money Drop.

This trip will go down as one of my all-time favourites with great weather, varied levels and quality whitewater, I couldn't have asked for more.


POV Footage: Shot using Contour Roam 2 action camera

Music: Odezsa - I Play You Listen

Post written by: Natty Cordon