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Our freestyle machine is short and fast, offering seasoned competitors an experience they'll appreciate. Between the rounded edges, the sculpted side walls, and the soft curvature of the bow, this predictable design makes loops, mcnastys and phonix monkeys easy to initiate. It is extremely loose and fast on waves, featuring a continuous rocker profile and a stern release edge that allows quick acceleration down a wave.

This composite version of the Mobius is available to special order with a variety of options in material layup and colours:


A choice of composite lay-ups exist to suit your needs and requirements. The end weight of the kayak will depend on the chosen construction and the number of layers used.


The Mobius Carbon has a pre-shaped foam bucket style seat to provide maximum connection with the kayak. This also offers a little bit of impact protection for your ass - useful for when you pull those big air moves! The foam seat and foam footrest blocks provided can easily be shaped and fixed in place to suit you individual needs.

The Mobius Carbon is also fitted with: a WhiteOut forward ratchet backband; WhiteOut adjustable hip pads; and a pair of low-profile thigh braces.  All outfitting is fixed without any holes being drilled through the outer kayak shell - internal walls either side of the cockpit area provide further hardware mounting points.


A stand-out design incorporates carbon panels separated by blocks of colour. Use our customisation tool to select your perfect colour combo for your very own Mobius Carbon!



Length: 5' 11" / 181 cm Width: 26.75" / 68 cm
Deck Height: 15" / 38 cm Cockpit Length: 35" / 88 cm
Cockpit Width: 19.5" / 50 cm Volume: 61 gal / 230 L
Paddler Weight: 154 - 254 lbs. / 70 - 115 kg

*Specifications and features are subject to change. Colours may vary slightly from those shown. Colour combinations will vary from those shown and are unique for each boat we produce. Variations in colour are not covered by warranty.


MOBIUS Features

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