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Wild Water Racer

Product Information

The Wavehopper is a true white water racing design in the ideal construction for an introduction to competition.  

This quick yet forgiving design is extremely popular with clubs and individuals for both training and competition. It has also proved a favourite for multi sport events.  

The Wavehopper is endorsed by most Federations for use in competition. The British Canoe Union’s Wavehopper Challenge has been established to grow participation in whitewater racing and shows the excitement that the sport can offer.



Length: 13' 1" / 400 cm Width: 24" / 60 cm
Boat Weight: 40 lbs. / 18 kg Deck Height: 14" / 35 cm
Cockpit Length: 30" / 76 cm Cockpit Width: 18" / 46 cm
Paddler Weight: 88 - 198 lbs. / 40 - 90 kg

*Specifications and features are subject to change. Colours may vary slightly from those shown. Colour combinations will vary from those shown and are unique for each boat we produce. Variations in colour are not covered by warranty.



Wave Sport WAVEHOPPER Club

  • CLUB Outfitting
  • Adjustable Backband
  • Keepers Adjustable Footrest Pedals
  • Carry Handles

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