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James Ibbotson


About Me:

I've been kayaking since i was around 8 years old. At the beginning i paddled anything and everything, from slalom to polo to freestyle to rivers. If i was on the water (or even in it!) i was happy. As i grew up a little i decided it was time to specialize in a set discipline. This happened to be slalom. I paddle K1 to start with, but quickly got bored of it. So i moved onto C1 and C2. In C2 i made the GB under 18 team aged 14, then the Under 23 GB team aged 15. A good effort if you ask me! 

Anyway, I kept growing and eventually somehow stumbled into university. Here i met beer, lay ins and a social life. With this i fell out with slalom, however my uni life fed me into the world of freestyle! I loved everything about it! From the community to the competitions and the general attitude. So i begged my parents to buy me a freestyle boat and i cracked on making it a C1. I paddled it as much as i could and somehow learnt a few moves. I decided to enter selection in 2014 for the GB team and made squad. This helped me up my game. From there i smashed out the training, learnt a few new moves and made the team in 2015 and headed out to the world championships out in Canada. Here i had an amazing time, met awesome people and paddled an awesome wave. Oh, i also came 10th (top Brit and 3rd European paddler). This year i am heading out to the European Championships with the hope of maintaining my 3rd place in Europe, or even improving upon it!

But from my first freestyle boat to my next one, they have all been Wave Sport!