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Matic Terčelj

"Trčo" in slovenian, and in english "Mytits"

About Me:

Outdoor sports freak since early age. Started paddling more than 8000 days ago, my background is kayak slalom. However, I got bored pretty soon, which was main reason why I extended my boat collection - and started creeking as well! During my studies at Uni I was a member of successful Slovenian rafting team. Whole different aspect! After defending my master thesis I jumped on a plane and got lost in NZ and Pacific for a year. Pretty chilled and fruitful year I must say. It`s a privilege to pass knowledge and passion for kayaking sport to others. Honestly, it`s more of a lifestyle then sport and once you get infected there`s no antidote. Wild river is like a woman: there`s no point in using force or energy against it, you can only go with the flow, using wisely the immense power it has in order to get where you like. See you on the river and safe lines guys!