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Wave Sport Makes a Sustainability Splash

Posted: 19.04.2023

Wave Sport makes a sustainability splash

Uckfield-based manufacturer, Gaybo Ltd trading as Wave Sport, has been making high-end kayaks since 1968. Today, recognised as one of the longest-standing businesses in the sector, the company has undertaken a considerable investment towards a greener future and are blazing the trail for the kayaking industry.

In February, Wave Sport installed 422 x 420W Trina solar panels for their purpose-built factory and are already starting to see positive results in the drive for greener energy production/consumption. In the first two months alone the solar PV saved in excess of 18.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is made even more impressive because it occurred at the tail end of winter and in a period of less than perfect weather. It promises an exceptional contribution to sustainable energy over the coming years.

Wave Sport Director, Andre Goldsmith, says “We are excited to see what impact the solar has once the weather improves. So far we have seen reductions in our pull from the grid and the occasional short periods when we are in fact totally off-grid and operating under power entirely generated by our solar installation. We are carefully analysing our power generation vs usage but it is too early to say exactly how much we will see our grid usage reduce ... so far we are putting our faith in the theoretical calculations that we have the potential to halve our energy draw over the course of a year.”

Paul Vine, Director of local renewable energy firm, OHM Energy adds “Wave Sport has made an investment in their business and the environment, and at current energy prices, they should recover their investment within circa four years. These solar panels have warranties for over 20 years and are predicted to save 1,795 tonnes of Co2 saved over that period. Going solar was not only a pioneering move for Wave Sport but also a smart commercial and ethical decision.”


Notes to Editors

Paul Vine and Andre Goldsmith are available for interviews. For more information or images contact: [email protected]


Andre Goldsmith
Andre has spent his entire life around the kayaking world in one way or another. As a keen outdoor enthusiast, he understands the importance of blue and green space in quality of life and well-being. At Wave Sport, he is proud to lead a team that shares his dedication for designing and producing kayaks to allow like-minded people to gain the maximum enjoyment from their time on the water.


Wave Sport
Since 1986 Wave Sport has been creating innovative whitewater kayak designs to bring the energy and passion of outdoor sports into the paddlesports realm. This vision has steered whitewater paddling as we know it, producing many iconic and revolutionary designs over the years. Gaybo Ltd purchased Wave Sport in 2018 after US operations stopped, subsequently production moved to their purpose-built kayak factory on the South coast of England. Gaybo Ltd has been manufacturing kayaks since 1968 and has a rich pedigree of exceptional achievements on the water with numerous first expedition descents, World Champions, and Olympic Gold medal-winning performances. A reputation for industry-leading quality remains constant.
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Paul Vine
Paul has more than a decade of experience delivering energy efficiency plus carbon and cost savings to clients across different industries. Having worked within the engineering sector for his entire career and with the public and private sectors, Paul’s success is underpinned by his commitment to net zero and ending fuel poverty.


OHM Energy
The South Coast's most experienced renewable energy installers from large-scale industrial to small-scale domestic installations of solar PV, battery storage, air source, and ground source heat pumps.
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