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The 6 Wonders of the Project X

Posted: 06.02.2017 BY Kim Hardin

kayaker on rapids

In case you haven't heard, the Project X has returned!


To celebrate, I figured I'd re-enlighten the world as to the 6 Wonders of the Project X. While I love my Mobius for big air, there's something about the Project X that gets me excited knowing it's back on the market!


1. Easy to paddle: Volume has been moved closer to the body than prior Project versions, making it easier to paddle. Good primary as well as secondary stability. Just enough length to paddle well downriver. Three inches longer than the Mobius,  the Project X is a little less of a "spud" boat, so to speak, offering greater stability downriver. 

2. Outfitting: Blackout or Whiteout, tried and true. Comfortable, performance-based outfitting. It stays in place, even through the biggest moves, and let's you become one with your boat.

3. Stability: Easy to Well balanced end to end-- never feels like it is going to topple over

4. Slicey bow: As a smaller paddler, allows me to initiate a cartwheel easier than the Mobius, and stay more in control through consecutive ends. For me, the Project never feels like it wants to topple over, in comparison to the Mobius. With that said, the Mobius cartwheels well, I just need to put a little more work into my technique and really look where I want to go -- It's slightly less forgiving.

5. Speed: On a Wave: In my opinion, more speed than the Mobius. Aggressive edges designed to allow for a quick, explosive release from the water for those big air moves. Easy transitions from edge to edge. Lack of bow-pearling.

6. Cartwheeling: In a hole: In my opinion, in a hole the Mobius excels over the Project, however, as a smaller paddler, I do feel as though I am able to initiate ends better in the Project, due to the slicier bow, and less volume. Not to mention a little more stability when linking cartwheels due to the extra 3" of length.


With the return of the Project X, you may feel a little overwhelmed with choices when looking to purchase a playboat.

On the WaveSport side of things, you can't go wrong with either the Project X or Mobius. If I had to give my two cents, after paddling the original Project, the Project X and the Mobius, I would say the Project X is somewhat more forgiving than the Mobius, mostly due to edge design, planing surface and length.

If you're already cartwheeling and looping up a storm, go for the Mobius to take your paddling to the next level! If you've started to learn the double pump, and looking for a playboat that will not only help you learn tricks, but excel and be awesome through your progression, go with the Project X. When in doubt, try them out!


Happy Paddling,

Kim Hardin