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Posted: 03.04.2017 BY Natty Cordon

Afon Mellte, Wales. Photo - James Goodwin

There has never been a general consensus on this one. Opinions have long been divided. Some are firm believers that ‘bigger is better’, whilst others argue that ‘it’s not the size that counts, but what you do with it that matters’. Personally, I had always held the latter belief, and whilst my weight often places me on the boundary of suitability for both small and medium boats, I had always opted for a smaller boat on the grounds that my muscles aren’t enormously impressive and I don’t drink protein shakes.
It was a smaller boat, the Recon 70, that I fell in love with after all. Whilst few would regard the Recon as being ‘small’, the 70 is certainly a small boat for my weight and for the chunky style of white water that it enjoys the most. Regardless of its size, I fell in love with the boat whilst falling off waterfalls in Chile and felt compelled to continue my love affair and buy one in the UK.

​​Sure enough, the Recon continued to perform both home and abroad.

More recently, having added a Diesel 70 to my fleet, the Recon 70 began to lose its place in my heart and felt pretty large on low-volume, technical runs, but fairly small for big volume, scary white water, especially when loaded with expedition kit.

Rio Fuy, Chile. Photo - Segio Vidal.


Indus, India. Photo - Stanzin Tanfan.

The release of Wave Sport’s new colours for 2017, and some encouragement from friend, was the final push that I needed to take the plunge. A big, pink boat was the way forward.
Only two weeks in and I wish that I had had the confidence to take the plunge sooner. My relationship with the big, pink Recon 83 is going from strength-to-strength.  My fears of lacking the strength to control him were totally unfounded as he tracks a dream and I haven’t even had to pile on the protein. It helps that he is the same weight as my Recon 70 was, in spite of being larger, as the manufacturing of Wave Sports has changed since moving to the UK. A wider boat also means great stability and a longer boat means more rocker, so you really do have to get things spectacularly wrong to miss a boof. The greatest difference however is in my confidence; the Recon 83 feels like he is caring for me and wants me to get things right. He is a boat that breeds success.

River Dart, England. Photo - Mark Hurrell and Pip Spicer

River Dart, England. Photo - Mark Hurrell and Pip Spicer

Afon Mellte, Wales. Photo - Oli Kershaw.

Afon Mellte, Wales. Photo - Oli Kershaw

So although the general public can't seem to reach a consensus on whether or not bigger is better, I know my choice.
Roll on summer boating.