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Trent Lock Wave – Nottingham UK’s Secret Gem

Posted: 10.07.2012 BY Dale Mears

We have had a lot of rain recently in the UK, especially over the midlands area. Being based in Nottingham sometimes has its advantages. Most UK paddlers know that the River Thames has a range of weirs that at different levels can provide some great paddling. Well some of you may not know that so does the River Trent! The only problem is that it requires not only some consistent rain but some flash flooding!

Trent Lock is one of the myths of UK play boating, a wave that forms when the River Trent reaches around 3 metres, considering its usual level is around 1 metre. Now this is all very well me sitting here saying it forms at 3 metres and this isn’t very often; even at that level the wave is barely surfable for most unless you own a surfboat or a long slicey fast kayak. I own neither however my friends and sponsors at desperate Measures are always on hand to lend me something fun for the job.

So the myth is this wave that forms once in a blue moon, the catch meaning you need a long boat right?? Wrong the myth is that you can surf the wave in a play boat. Most Thames paddlers often say “enjoy your front surf boys, we have Hurley weir” true for a 3 metre level however bring on a bit of flooding like this week and the Trent hit 3.5 metres. The myth then becomes a reality and those who have been around for long enough in the area have all seen this level and know it not to be a myth but the most fun you can have in the UK (with your pants on, if you choose).

Anyway we took advantage of these levels as I personally haven’t surfed Trent lock at these levels since 2003. I was joined by Barry Hughes from Desperate Measures, George younger Wavesport Ambassador in the UK, Ryan Liquorice God amongst men, Robert Crowe, Miles Jones and a large gathering of Slalom paddlers including Dan Goddard.

Myself and George were loving paddling our 56X and they certainly flew on the wave!

Enjoy the photos; I’m off to do a rain dance!

Worrying expression on my face!