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Wave Sport Project X - To new beginnings

Posted: 08.03.2017 BY Dale Mears

I missed the Project X.

It was January 22nd 2011 when I picked up my first Wave Sport Project X 56, it was the UK release day. I was excited back then for this new exciting era for Wave Sport and the freestyle scene.
The boat was incredible; fast, well balanced, comfortable and stylish amongst a ton of other technical points I could go on about but you can read about them over at
I loved the Project X both in a hole and on a wave. It was a natural progression from the Project 52 and was a popular boat amongst a range of paddlers.
Unfortunately after owning 4 of these I sold my last in favour of the Mobius. I enjoy the Mobius but on reflection I should never have sold my last Project X. I think it suited my style of paddling and my body shape, size and weight better than the Mobius. I do however feel there is a need for both of these boats on the market. The Mobius has pop and is hugely dynamic in a hole and bouncy and fun on a wave whereas the Project X is a well balanced cartwheeling machine thanks too its forgiving nature. I like both for very different reasons I guess its like owning two cars and using them for slightly different reasons.
I thought that was it; after the Project X ceased to be sold favouring the newer freestyle kayak I was destined to paddle the Mobius. Although I enjoy the Mobius I missed the Project X. In fact this is an understatement, the Project X is my favourite freestyle kayak I’ve ever owned. I have had so many great times in it, I guess its only now I realise this as many friends are getting in touch telling me they want one too
With WaveSport moving onto new horizons and now being manufactured in the UK, a lot of people are wondering so what does this mean to Wave Sport. Well fortunately the moulds were not destroyed. The Project X is now being manufactured here in the UK and back where it belongs in Wave Sport’s freestyle range once again and for that I and many Wave Sport Project X fans will be happy. 
The re launched Project X comes in a range of new colours and outfitting options making it more affordable for a range of users not just the elite. Available in both WhiteOut and BlackOut fittings the Project X should be a great option for any budding freestyle paddler or seasoned veteran not to forget the smaller X 48 that is a perfect size for smaller paddlers.
I know I am excited to get my new (old) Project X on the water. Is it for old times sake or new beginnings? Time will tell but I am excited to wait and see.