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First Impressions: The Mobius

Posted: 05.07.2014 BY Kim Hardin

Being July in the Northwest, we're a tad short on water and play, but we're still high on stoke (did I really just say that?)!

My shoulder rehab has been a long process, but I'm officially back in my boat, and able to do the important things like boof, cartwheel, and wave wheel! YES!

Bow Stallin' at the Hood River Marina 

My first impression of the Mobius 49: CUTE, and FUN!

The Mobius feels similar to the Project X in fit, however, is about a half inch wider, meaning greater stability, and a loose huller. While I've yet to get it on a wave, it is easier to initiate the bow for cartwheels and bow stalls than the Project X. The Mobius is super easy to throw around, even with the added volume at the knees, and seems as though it will be pretty fast on a wave. In fact, designer Hans Nutz designed the stern of the Mobius to actually help it to catch waves. 

Outfitting the Mobius's is a breeze with Wave Sport's WhiteOut Outfitting system and with the new track system in place for easy fore-aft movement of the seat. Loosen the bolt at each hip near the cockpit rim, loosen the yellow knob, push down and slide the seat forward and back...EASY!

For a tighter fit, particularly for us smaller folk, tighten the ratchet under your thighs a few clicks, bringing your legs up into the thigh braces proper.

For more tips on outfitting, check out my post, "How to outfit your new creek boat". While the post outlines my suggestions as well as approaches to outfitting a new creek boat, they are also applicable to a play boat as well as river runner.

See you on the river,