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A Great Fall Day on the Potomac

Posted: 07.11.2014

Written By: Bryan Kirk

This October I was based around the DC/MD/VA area with my fiance Courtney during her away rotation at GWU's pathology dept. Luckily, Great Falls happened to be just up the road.

I put together a little edit showing the MD and VA lines in the prototype:

Fall at the Falls from Bryan Kirk on Vimeo.

On top of that, I had a prototype race boat with me that made doing laps on the falls that much faster and more exciting. Below is the approach to one of the nicest boofs on the river, Pummel:

The level was around 3 ft which was perfect for both the MD lines and the VA side. The Maryland lines consist of Pummel, Z-turn, and Horseshoe. The VA side is equally as stacked with U-hole, S-Turn, and the Spout. 

Here is me lining up for Z-turn:

I learned to kayak on the Potomac River decade ago so the place feels like home every time I come back. It is such an amazing sanctuary that it is hard to believe the nation's capital is just a short drive down the river.

Muchos gracias to my friend Jordan Poffenberger for the excellent photography.