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How the Mobius got me to switch playboats after 10 years in the ZG

Posted: 17.12.2014


above image: Surfing on the Main Stem of the American this spring in my ZG 54. Can't wait to catch this rare wave in my Mobius 65.  Photo: Kevin Weddle

    I love my ZG.  I bought one before I ever sat in one because I could tell from looking at the lines that I would love the feel and style of the boat.  When the Project and Project X came out, I borrowed them from time to time, but the ZG 54 fit me so well that I stuck with it as my go-to.  I never tried the large versions of those boats because I figured they wouldn't fit as snugly.  I actually bought a second-hand ZG after it had been discontinued because it fit me so well.

    When the Mobius came out, I tried the 57 gallon size and realized something immediately:  I was just a bit too big for the boat and would need to paddle the 65 gallon size when it came out later in the year.  I liked the feel of how the chopped tail or short stern lets the boat switch carving directions in an easy, fish-tailing way, moving around in waves and holes to set up for tricks.  I ordered a Mobius 65 without ever sitting in one first because I liked the design and figured the 65 had to fit me.

    The leg-lifter feature is the best piece of outfitting since the backband.  It is the counterpart to the backband that keeps the paddler from slipping forward in the boat.  This is especially nice for playboats with foot foam instead of a bulkhead and makes the boat more comfortable.  The leg-lifter also lifts one's thighs into the thigh braces for better control.  This is what allows me to paddle the 65 and feel like the boat is an extension of my body.

    There are a few characteristics that stand out about the Mobius 65.  The boat is very retentive in waves and holes and doesn't want to flush.  Even when I unintentionally pearl or catch an edge, the boat recovers easily.  The Mobius feels like it performs as well on waves as my ZG but pops much more for hole tricks.  The boat is generally user friendly, easy to throw around and easy to stick moves.

    If you haven't tried the Mobius out yet, one adjustment that I found I needed to make was to lean further forward when in a backsurf.  You might not even notice this depending on the playboat you are used to.  Once I figured this out, I really liked not only how the boat back-surfs, but how fluidly it spins from backsurf to sidesurf to frontsurf.  The other adjustment I needed to make was finding the balance point for a bow-stall, though now that i am used to the Mobius it feels second-nature.

    I will hang onto my ZG for sure; it is a classic boat.  The Mobius has become my go-to for playboating on my local river since it gets the most out of every little playspot and also gets big bounce and pop from the bigger features.