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The Mobius Freestyle Boat

Posted: 09.07.2013

Written by: Bryan Kirk

It's exhilarating when a new boat design comes along every once in a while that totally rejuvenates your love for the sport of kayaking. Well, this has happened to me recently, and I am more fired up about freestyle kayaking now than I have been in quite some time - and that's really saying something! 

Clean blunt:

Did I mention that the Mobius can bounce?

The Mobius represents a new leaf turned over at Wave Sport. It is a totally fresh design by our talented new designer Hans Nutz(Nootz), in collaboration with Team Wave Sport athletes. It has a different look, a different feel, and is a totally refreshingly crisp new design meant to slay every type of playspot.

We've gone through 4 prototypes on the medium size(57) alone, and the 48 and 64 sizes are being honed as we speak. The absolute key to creating a successful playboat that folks will want to stick with for the next 3+ years is to work hard on testing multiple shapes on real rivers - not just in C.A.D. Some companies simply draw their prototype on a computer and spit it out for the public to be the guinea pigs, but that is not how we create the legendary freestyle designs at Wave Sport. That's why we don't replace our boats every year - because we really don't need to.


Compared to the Project X, which has been hailed as one of the best freestyle machines since it came out in 2010, the Mobius represents a major step forward in hull speed and loop pop. This is Wave Sport's first playboat with a continuous rocker profile in over 10 years, and is our best iteration of that type of rocker ever. The increase in speed over the Project X has to be felt to be believed, and the bounce has been totally preserved. Maximizing wave speed and bounce is the trickiest aspect of kayak design - and the Mobius fuses these two crucial attributes flawlessly. I'm surfing waves I've never been able to catch before, and reaching sections of waves I've never been able to in any modern short freestyle boat. The Mobius is literally letting be explore more river features to try tricks on - pretty cool!

Kelsey Thompson with an airscrew

Team Wave Sport has been testing freestyle prototypes on the New River Dries since the Zero Gravity (ZG) came out back in 2004. Not only is it one of the best freestyle destinations on Earth, but it offers every type of play feature imaginable. This beautiful gorge is mostly where the Mobius was dialed in.

The Mobius is a couple inches shorter than the Project X, with an extra gallon of volume placed perfectly for getting maximun air in loop moves. Even though the Mobius is bigger, it's easier to huck around simply because the paddler has more leverage over the shorter ends. The Mobius is poppy and retentive in holes, and easily loops bigger than any other playboat I've ever paddled.


Have a look at the new full-length promo for the Mobius by Kelsey Thompson: