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The North Of Sweden - Hidden Wave

Posted: 23.08.2014

Written By: Tyler Curtis

Stennäs – The Hidden Wave

The whitewater goods of Northern Sweden once again provided some quality action. Only a select few paddlers in Scandinavia have heard about the elusive ‘hidden wave’ in the north and even more difficult is knowing when the wave is running and for how long it might stay. The rumour in Sweden was that the wave only ran a few days each spring while the river was in flood. Wow were they wrong…

This wave called ‘Gomda’ which means Hidden Wave actually runs for a few weeks every May and is located a short 5min drive from Kittelfjall where I call home in the north.

I only managed to catch a surf day when the water levels were dropping after the majority of the snow had already melted and traveled the rivers. When it comes to levels for the wave, the higher the water the better. The more the river level rises, the bigger the wave gets!

The excitement I have is incredible. Having a quality wave in my back yard during spring melt makes the north of Sweden even better.

Enjoy some images and check out my mini edit.



Tyler Curtis

photos: Lisa Lind