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By: Dale Mears Wave Sport team paddler Dale Mears takes his new GoPro Hero 5 out for a paddle on its UK release day.

By: George Younger A gangster video for a gangster village life. Finally got around to editing a video from the 3 months last winter spent in a local Ugandan village going kayaking everyday on the Nile river. Just a snapshot of life in the village, lots of good times...

By: James Ibbotson A blunt and borderline panam in my Wave Sport Mobius on Hurley. Almost ready for GB selection now! Filmed by: Rob Crowe Post written by: Jame Ibbotson

By: James Ibbotson When the river is high hit newark! The Mobius is wicked fun on it, spins so fast! Post written by: Jame Ibbotson

By: James Ibbotson So i recently got my Mobius from Wave Sport. I'm getting used to it. Its such a whippy short boat, its easy to man handle around in any direction. Safe to say, i'm loving it!! Post written by: Jame Ibbotson

Here's a video put together by Neal Ross-Ross from Brilliant wave in BC, Canada. Neal rips it in his Mobius 57! Post written by: Bryan Kirk

By: George Younger Super dodgy edit I threw together with the small amount of footage I found on my computer of my Ugnada trip a couple of winters ago! Post by: George Younger

By: Alan Ward There's a small wave that runs out of a tunnel from under a restaurant at Boulters, Maidenhead in the UK. At the wrong level you need to be dragged out on a rope, but when the rivers are so high that nothing else is running you get a sweet little...

2013 Tallulah Teaser from Tad Dennis 2013 Tallulah Teaser C-1 Helmet GoPro 3+. I was testing out the Superview setting, but it makes everything look way smaller. Basically it films in 4:3 and squishes it to 16:9, so you can see more, but it makes...

By: Alan Ward The best freestyle boat I have EVER paddled, and wait until you see what's possible on Hurley..... Post by: Alan Ward

Tad Dennis' Semi Final Ride at the 2013 ICF World Championships. Taken at the Nantahala River in Bryson City, NC. This is the highest score recorded in a C-1 at an ICF competition. Scored at 1086 points. Tad is using a Carbon Wave Sport Mobius,...

Ive been getting more and more comfortable in the Mobius 57 as we just slipped into the 'Team Training" phase from now until Worlds. The US Team has been training together for an hour slot for the past couple days and it's really brought us all...