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Kayaking the Grand Canyon of Asia

Posted: 08.25.2016 BY Natty Cordon

A glorious Pure Land Expedition on the Tsarap Chu, Zanskar and Indus rivers in Ladakh, India. A 6 day multiday adventure, followed by a few days of play. Big white water rapids, beautiful crystal blue lake water, camping, monasteries, shooting stars and more. 

See the blog post below for more detail on my fun-filled adventures in India. 

Camera - Contour Roam 2 and Apple iPhone 5.
Sponsors - Wave Sport, Canoe and Kayak Store, Paddlers First.
Music - Odezsa, Without You (Vindata Remix), and Hey Now.

Enormous thanks are due to Pure Land Expeditions for providing this quite spectacular adventure.


Post written by: Natty Cordon